Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sex and Spirituality


Throughout history, some so-called "mystical" groups and teachings have damned all sexual activity for the "enlightened." There has often been more than a touch of superiorism in this selfelevation. And anything that makes the self appear superior is a boost to the ego; hence, it weakens the effect of the Spirit, and is unhealthy. It actually decreases spirituality. For egotism is the worst disease in all of mysticism.

The physical senses are a gift from God. Only extremist fanatics would ever claim that there is anything "wrong" with looking at a beautiful sunset, listening to lovely music, smelling roses, eating cherries, or touching silk or velvet. These are all the senses, and are all designed by God to make this difficult world tolerable.

The Center of every Way of enlightenment is Love. This is not careless, disloyal, betraying Love, but Love that has built within it the joys and glories of loyalty, commitment, selflessness, tenderness, and othercentered compassion.

So, these fine forms of Love do indeed prohibit the sexual carelessness and promiscuity that mark our current culture and society. Love keeps us alert to the fact that good sex is a form of Love. It is sacred, not a game. There can never be any such thing as "recreational" or "casual" sex.

If honorable sex-- that shared with only one's life-companion, one's Love-partner, is indeed a form of Love, it cannot be "bad" or "evil." It is not an act against Love (God), but a very strongly reinforcing act that multiplies and amplifies a very sacred and special form of Love.

Historically, it is a very sad truth that mysticism has often been confused, or entangled , with asceticism-- deprivations and selftorments of many kinds. But those who have tried to blend the two very different paths have been confused. Mysticism never mixes with asceticism, or selfabuse. (The latter is antiagapic, as are all forms of abuse.)

The mystic realizes that this life can be very tough indeed. So, she does everything possible to lessen the shock of this life, to take away pain. (This is why the mystic will use legal drugs to fight pain.) But the fullest, most joyful embrace of life implies much, much more than simply the lessening of pain. For it also must imply the maximization of positive joy. Mystics want to enjoy life-- to have as much fun as
possible, if they can do this without harming the self or any other.

Sex is a natural function. It is as natural as sleeping or eating. The balanced mystic does not allow the body fully to control her. But she always avoids, wisely, all extremes and fanaticism. Engaging in sex moderately is actually a gift that she gives to her body. For sex is a great exercise for the cardiovascular, respiratory, and other systems of the physical body. It is thus a gift given both to the self and to the partner. "So, it expresses Love in two ways simultaneously.

The mystic does not make sex a "religion." She does not want to be obsessed by it, day and night. But it is a very important part or aspect of even advanced spirituality.

It celebrates nature, and is also a very real Way of celebrating God (Love). It is a sacred and holy sharing of a very special Love.

Many complex problems, including pedophilia, have notoriously troubled those who force themselves to be celibate. Why? Because this is unnatural, and even counter-natural. For short times, for her own reasons, a mystic might choose to be celibate. But to try to force this upon the body for long periods is cruelty to both your bodymind and to that of your companion. Cruelty is the opposite of Love.

Since sex is a valid Way of sharing Love, and enforced celibacy is cruelty, the mystic's choice should be obvious. Remember that, as mystics, we avoid all extremes and fanaticisms. We are the people of moderation and Love. So, we need not feel guilty when we reject the asceticism (falsely and ignorantly mistaken for mysticism) that damns normal Love between Love-companions who are monogamous.

Much in religion also puts down sex. This is due to an ancient god --largely the angry, evil god of very ancient peoples-- who damned sex, at least, most of the time. As the people of Love and enlightenment, we are resorting and reverting to the religious toys of toddlers if we turn to this violent, out-of-control, this false, and in many ways, evil god. The free being is free of this primitive religion, and completely liberated from its attitudes. We never want to go back!

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