Sunday, April 23, 2006

Various Faiths and Truth

Many faiths were founded upon the mystical experience of one spiritual being. All mystically-founded faiths do have in common what the Spirit wants-- a form of Love, expressed as compassion, kindness, openness, tolerance, and other positive virtues. Religions need not share anything else in common, for spirituality is Love, and Love, spirituality.

The great ideas of the historical lumanaries get all mixed up with intellectual teachings, and the fight is on! Each has to prove the self "right," and everybody else "wrong." The masters have all made it clear-- in Jewish mysticism (kabbalism), Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, and Christianity -- that it is much more important to be kind than merely to be "right." In fact, in all, to be loving and compassionate is the only "right" way to follow the leading mystics-- Solomon, Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Al Hallaj, Patanjali, and all the rest.

The Spirit has no interest in homogeneity or conformity. That is why all religions are as different as the flowers or butterflies of the field. As stated on the [radio] program, each faith has its own "specialty." Christianity was supposed to be all about Love, Buddhism spiritual psychology, Hinduism the many disguises of the One, Taoism perfect faith, nature-faiths the sacredness of nature, Jewish kabbalism the indwelling (immanent) God, Sufism about deep personal relationship with the interior "Beloved," etc. A perfectly balanced way finds the combination, eclectically, of all faiths to constitute a spiritual and seamless Whole.

Growth continues, of course, and we are never "finished products" while on earth. But having found the reliable guideline of Love has changed everything for the better. And having taught "agapology" (the psychology of Love) for thirty years just reinforces the wisdom of the Way. Contrasting it with closedminded fundamentalism only makes it more beautiful.

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