Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Genuine Spiritual Teacher


If you feel a calling to teach spirituality, you have little choice, for tranquility and satisfaction, but to follow it. There is no doubt that the Spirit uses such altered states as coma to touch the great personal Unconscious, even the soulevel of Mind. But the Spirit will teach you exactly when and precisely what It wants you to know. It does not need you dangerously to enter, or try to enter, a coma state. In fact, you do not need to do anything at all, except open your mind regularly through healing and healthy meditation in moderation. (You might also feel directed to work with your dreams, the only "shortcut" in all spirituality.)

As you are already opting to become a teacher, you should be warned about an obstacle that can block, and completely ruin, all spirituality. This is plain ol' greed. Greed silences the interior Spirit of Love, for it resists It. Take much care always to make sure that you are never overcharging for your services. Always choose a price that even poor people can afford. It is obscene to try to "get rich" by "selling spirituality." Spirituality is not produce, and should never be commercialized.

Always try to love only your students, and never "love" money. This nightmarish infection has sickened as many as ninety percent of all self-styled "spiritual teachers." It is rabid among so-called
"Christians," and has also drained energy from so many "new age" teachers. An honest teacher with a good heart should probably never charge more than ten or fifteen dollars for her services, classes, or seminars.

So, beware and be honest in selfinventory.

Re the need for a particular "guiding spirit": You have already been touched by the One, who is the one and only Teacher that a spiritual being needs. As long as you are in touch with this Absollute, you do not need particular "spirit guides," "astral helpers," human gurus, or anything along these lines. This is one of the core-meanings of the celebrated "freedom" of the enlightened.

The Spirit does not teach best by intellect, although It can also use that method. It teaches best by challenging you, repeatedly but consistently, to follow and apply the highest Love of which you can
comprehend. The "best" teacher is not the smartest, but the most compassionate. She has both a deep mind and a bottomless heart, both of which are filled repeatedly and continuously with Love.

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