Monday, April 10, 2006



In the mystical Way, the ultimate definition of "Reallity" is "Mind."

Mind is the only real thing in the cosmos. All else is the dream of Mind. The core of Mind is Love, which is why it is the Way of the enlightened and compassionate.

No, we do not "form our own realities" with the conscious mind. This is a very attractive illusion, and many want desperately to believe it. For it implies that they can still control their cosmos. A challenge of mysticism is to give up all control, and to replace this unhealthy desire with faith in the Ultimate or Absolute (Mind). Since It is Love, It will never harm us.

Reality is created Unconsciously by this Ultimate or Absolute (God). But it is altered as the creative force passes through the filter of soul. This adds all the components of our karma. This guarantees that the "dream of reality" will be precisely the one that we need in order to learn our specific lessons.

The idea that the conscious mind can control the world is nothing but wishful thinking. This is a fairy-tale myth. But many metaphysical people cling to it because they mistrust the Mind. They fear It, and live life very nervously, terrified of "negative" thoughts or words.

We can safely think negative thoughts without harming ourselves or anyone else, for the conscious mind is simply not that powerful. Its job is not creation (it cannot create changes in the world), but experience. It is the decision-maker and the karma-maker. That is its whole function.

Jesus said that we cannot change a single hair on our own heads. So, when people start to "blah-blah" about the "infinite power of mind" (meaning the conscious mind), challenge them with this empirical test: Ask them to change the color of a single hair on their own heads. Many will not even try, but if they do, they will not be able to do it.

The world is dreamed into being by much deeper levels of the Unconscious-- the soul and the Spirit. We have no control over these profound levels of Mind. Most people are completely out of touch with these. The Way suggests not only complete "faith in God" (trusting Mind to take care of everything), but also its effortless living. Jesus said that we should become as a "nursing infant." It is absurd to think of a baby trying to manipulate the cosmos. Instead, it simply relaxes completely, and trusts fully, without question.

This total relaxation is to become thought-free. Only if we are free of conscious thoughts can the Power of Spirit act through and within us with fullest freedom (without our interference). This is called the "prayer of silence," or "meditation."

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