Friday, April 21, 2006

Urge Pilgrim's Pride to Reduce Unnecessary Use of Antibiotics

Don't Support the Evil

"People who heartlessly murder and abuse living creatures for money are demons disguised as human beings."

The majority of chickens raised for meat are confined in sickly and wretched conditions that compromise their health and well-being. But instead of ensuring humane living conditions, too many poultry companies rely heavily on the use of antibiotics to prevent disease - and both chickens and humans pay the price.

Help chickens and people today by urging Pilgrim's Pride, the nation's #2 chicken producer, to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Broiler chickens normally spend their entire lives standing, foraging, or sitting in manure-contaminated litter, which covers the floors to absorb waste. As the litter becomes increasingly unsanitary, conditions necessitate the use of antibiotics to combat the environmental pathogens to which the birds are exposed.

Bacteria that are constantly exposed to antibiotics develop resistance to these drugs. When humans get sick from resistant bacteria, the antibiotics prescribed will no longer work!

Take Action!

Recently, four of the nation’s largest poultry corporations—Tyson Foods, Gold Kist, Perdue Farms, and Foster Farms—have sharply cut back on their use of antibiotics in the feed of chickens that are not sick. This reduction in antibiotic use was made possible by improving animals’ living conditions and by breeding hardier chickens.

We applaud these corporations for taking an important step to protect human health. Now we need your help to urge Pilgrim’s Pride, the nation’s #2 chicken producer, to adopt a similar plan to reduce unnecessary uses of antibiotics. Urge them to protect customer health and step-up animal welfare by reducing antibiotic use in chickens!

Thank you for making a difference today.

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