Sunday, April 23, 2006

Important Announcement

We here at the uld, Lovelight magazine, "High Spirits," and Love Ministries, Inc., are delighted and excited to announce that the date has been selected for our next grand megasale at the Turtle Creek Flea Market.

Our supersale is slated for Saturday, May 20, 2006, from 9 am til 5 pm.

So, we encourage you, dear friends, to give. Give to others, who can make practical use of products that, for you, have no use. Support the earth through recycling, instead of throwing out old items; though they are useless to you, they might be of some value or use to others. Also, spring cleaning is an opportunity to simplify your life, ridding yourself of useless excess: Live simply that others may simply live.

The "old and useless junk" that you find in your basements, garages, attics, and storage sheds can be of real value to those who might need these things. We will not be collecting furniture, beds, dressers, or other large items. But we will be selling small tables, bookshelves, and other small furniture. And we are most interested in, and actively collecting: books, cd's, small electronics, collectibles, some toys, nick-nacks, and any other small miscellaneous items that are in fairly good shape. (If something needs complete reconstruction, we will not be selling it.:) Jewelry-- and most women have more than they can ever use-- is also an item that is convenient to handle, and which tends to sell well. Also, we will be accepting women's handbags and women's shoes.

But no other clothing, please; even among the very poor, in our country, it seems as if everyone has a couple of leaf-bags full of clothes.

But if you do have any relatively small items in fairly good shape, simple bric-a-brac that is just getting in your way, or taking up space, please let us know, and we will pick it up and take it off your hands. Give to the poor, recycle, and simplify!

Just let us know by May 18, at :)

Thanks to you all, for improving our planet.:) Any funds collected will be used ONLY for nonreligious spiritual education.

Love, and Blessings pouring down upon You,

The Love Education Team of Love Ministries, Inc.

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