Sunday, April 30, 2006

A New Nightmare of War

STOP the Bunker Buster Simulation in NV and Iran War Plans

This action page is brought to you by the activism of Marcy Winograd, running for Congress in the 36th District of California:



In the New Yorker magazine, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported that teams of American combat troops are being sent into Iran. They are going, under cover, to collect information on military targets (such as underground bunkers). The decision to attack might already have been made.

The Department of Energy is preparing for a 700-ton conventional bomb detonation. This is planned for June 2, 2006, on the Western Shoshone Native American reservation. (The tribe strongly opposes this.) This horror is planned to occur in Nevada. It is a preliminary for the use of actual nuclear weapons against Iran. If launched, a nuclear "bunker buster" would spew harmful radiation, potentially killing thousands of innocent people.

The bush administration seems bent on destabilizing the globe. It would benefit every member of Congress to take a strong stand against a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Bullying Iran, talking about "regime change", and simulating large-scale bomb-attacks in the Nevada desert, will only undermine diplomatic efforts.

Winograd's opponent, Jane Harman, remains non-committal on the subject of US air strikes against Iran.

American intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.), agree that Iran ultimately wants to produce nuclear weapons. But intelligence officials and the I.A.E.A disagree on how long it would take for Iran to become a nuclear power.

Critics of the bush administration argue that Iran is several years away from developing a nuclear weapon.

"The United States has adopted a nuclear double standard," says Winograd, pointing out that the bush administration wants to build 125 new nuclear bombs each year. Says Winograd, "If we really want to ensure peace and tranquility for our children and our children's children, if we really want to discourage Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons, then we should honor our commitment to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, denounce the first use of nuclear weapons and model for the world our commitment to reducing our nuclear arsenal."

Winograd also expresses concerns about the military's circumvention of Congress's authority to declare war. "By sending scouts into Iran, to collect data on military targets, the bush administration is preparing for war; and it is undermining the constitutional powers of Congress. Every lawmaker who sits on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees should denounce the bush administration for jeopardizing our national security."

Winograd is challenging incumbent Congresswoman Jane Harman in the Democratic Party Primary, June 6th. During the campaign, Winograd has criticized Harman, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, for not adequately scrutinizing pre-war intelligence analysts' objections to the invasion of Iraq.

"I will vote to cut funding for the Iraq war, and bring the troops home," vows Winograd. "I will reject the bush doctrine of pre-emptive war; and I will engage the nation in redefining the meaning of security."

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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