Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Voice of the People


It appears, from a cursory scan of the country, that the voice of the people is in real danger of dying out. But if we work to make the voice of the people the voice of Love (God), then, it cannot be affected or influenced by violence, wealth, arrogance, or corruption.

How can we do this? By filling our thoughts and words with the ideas of Love, compassion, generosity, support, kindness, goodness, and justice. And there is another way: We can speak out against corruption, hypocrisy, and bigotry whenever and wherever we see it. We can expose unkindness, cruelty, foolishness, ineptitude, and incompetence, especially in leaders.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil," wrote Edmund Burke, "is that good people do nothing." As good people, we dare not "do nothing" in the face of greedmongers who are trying to "take over the world." For you cannot "take over the world" as long as you cannot rule heartminds. You can kill people, but you cannot kill great ideas.

Personal freedom and equality stands at the top of the list of the great all-time ideas. If we work to make the voice of the people (our voice) the voice of Love, we then have the infinite, illimitable, immeasurable Power that lights the bright galaxies supporting us. That is why every tyrant, in the entire history of the world, who has resisted this idea is now nothing but dust.

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