Friday, September 30, 2005

Memorial Service for Gale Miller

Dear Friends of the Heart,

It saddens us and gladdens us that our dear friend and brother has left our miserable little planet and stepped into the Milky Way. We were blessed and privileged to know him as a member of our little Pneumarium-family.

We want all of you to know just how much we treasure his eternal life. Gale has not died; he has simply changed residences. He was and is an intelligent and gentle soul, with still very much to do, and much fun to enjoy! He now has perfect health, and ecstasy, and is surrounded by an ocean of Love,and many friends. But as we shall never forget him, neither will he forget his physical and spiritual family left behind on earth.

Now, he is a multidimensional superbeing of Light, and has planets and galaxies to explore. Let us send him into his everlasting form with our deepest Love and most sincere blessings.

We will be having a Memorial Service for Gale this Sunday at eleven am, at the Pneumarium. All are welcome.

Peace and everlasting Love.

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