Saturday, September 03, 2005

Greedy Business-people and Looter-losers


Greedy and materialistic people have an entire worldview in common with the looters and hoods on the street. Why? Because both value material things over personal integrity. Both are the humiliated minions of greed. Neither can see the real value of the intangibles. Neither group-- greedy business-people or looters-- can grasp the noble and elevated "platinum" of Love, wisdom, beauty, intelligence, goodness, or kindness. These have the value and consistency of mere fog to the materialist. That is why she is so horrifically empty inside.

Yes, the very same value-system underlies the greedy business-person and the looter. So, when we ask how human beings could ever dip to the lowest levels of depravity, looting in the midst of terrible crises, as in the shame and horror of New Orleans, the responsibility must be laid at the feet of materialism. The looter wears different clothes than the greedy business-person, but deep inside, they can be identical. (NOTE: Avoiding "black and white" thinking, it must be noted fairly that ALL business-people are not greedy, or full materialists; but the underlying philosophy beneath both groups is often greed: Price-gouging is just "respectable looting.)

The only antidote to heal society is the regular, consistent practice of compassion.

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