Friday, September 02, 2005

"Channeling" Notes


There was absolutely nothing new in the piece that you forwarded to me. It was rehashed and recycled "prophecy"--something that has been going on for thousands of years. God is cosmic Mind, and has no use or need for "councils"-- a completely human anthropomorphism (making God in man's image). The stuff about the mountains flattening, and the flat areas becoming mountains is almost word-for-word lifted from other "prophets" and "channelers."

This piece is not educational, but is simply a disguised ad for a book (mentioned in the "reading"). I would not spend ten cents for this book, for this "channeler," who refers to "the Kiraels," and the "Kryons" (another channeler), has absolutely no new perspectives. Far less does he/she share anything practical or really useful. Spectacular scenarios of world-changes are a dime a dozen in the metaphysical community. They are not only not exciting; but, through contstant and continuous repetition, they have become quite boring. This is one reason that "channelers" are always so disappointing. Although they claim to be superbeings, they say nothing that any mildly creative human being could not dream up. And that is why I believe the most logical idea that "channeling" does not represent any supernormal event. It is just people indulging in imaginary talk, and ascribing their ideas to "superbeings" so that they will be believed. (Also, they do not have to take any responsibility, for "they" did not say it; the "superbeing" did!) Btw, this piece also contains the seeds of elitism, as only a few are left on earth by "the Creator" to promote human evolution. When examined, careless "channeling" often contains the seeds for some very destructive concepts. And for a wise or aware person to use channeling as a guide for life, or even to take it seriously as messages from a "higher plane," is unthinkable from the perspective of reason.

But thanks for sharing. I've read or heard dozens of "channeled messages" during the last few decades. It was astonishing, in fact, how many predicted the "end of the world," or the "end of civilization," or the crash of the worldwide web, for the year twenty hundred. (Now, their new "darling," the latest fad, is to point to 2012.) Again, as always, all "prophecies" fell flat on their asses! I know many skeptics who would slightly alter "the great shift" to describe their cynical views of "channeling"!

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