Thursday, September 22, 2005

Astropsychology and the Body


Tradition states that each sign in astropsychology does indeed have an influence over a specific part of the body. These can be also erogenous zones. (Btw, an "erogenous" zone is not just one of particular sensitivity, but one that triggers a sexual response.) This is not true one hundred percent of the time, with each person of a particular sign; but the signs generally tend to "follow" the body from head to foot, starting with aries, which influences the head-area; taurus influences the neck and throat; gemini the lungs, arms and shoulders; cancer the stomach; leo the heart and spine; virgo, the large intestine; libra kidneys; scorpio, the genitalia; sagittarius upper thighs; capricorn lower thighs and knees, and bones generally; aquarius the calf-muscles, and pisces the feet.

The part of the body that is a sexual "turn-on" seems to be more culturally and socially determined. In the Middle Ages, for example, just about any part of a woman's body was considered "forbidden," and so, attractive. This forced women, as in Islamic countries, to wrap themselves up in opaque materials from the eyes to the toes. In various cultures, the ankle, wrist, back of the neck, shins, and other "nonsexual" parts were considered this way. It also has much to do with rearing: You might tend to reflect the preferences of the adult role-models with whom you were surrounded when growing up. In this field, human nature is so diverse that just about anything is possible!:)

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