Friday, September 30, 2005

Fantastic Opportunity for You

Dear Friends of the Heart,

Happy (slightly early) October! Here is the latest revision of our adletter. This third revision includes, as you can see, the funds of the Friendship Support Program. And, due to that, we have been able to cut in half the cost of an underwriter's running of a weekly ad. Any feedback or suggestions are certainly more than welcome. And please, please help us continue to spread the good word about "High Spirits"! Please forward this letter to any potentially interested party. And please forward it to anyone and everyone!:)

Your kindness, patience, and attention to this crucial matter are very much appreciated, and are promised to bring good karma into your life, both shorterm and longterm. Count on it!



We have exactly what you need! We can make it possible for you to network, and interact, with thousands of spiritually and politically progressive people! And we can do it for the cost of a fast-food meal!

We are starting a nonreligious spiritual education program on Cincinnati radio. At present, it is slated to run on Saturday at eleven pm.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM. "High Spirits" is a one-hour, call-in show about spirituality. It is meant to aid people in creating a spiritual path. We will help you find it, but we promise not to design it! One theme is the psychology of Love, for the self and others. On a community-level, this means charity and compassion.

ABOUT THE HOST. Richard "Shining Thunder" Francis has been a spiritual teacher, lifedesign consultant, and psychospiritual advisor for over thirty years. His formal training is in psychology, but his passion is spirituality. He has written and published fourteen books on spiritual psychology. He has served as advisor for the "Sixty Minutes" tv program, Newsweek and Time magazines, and his work has been mentioned in the New York Times. He served as advisor for both the Lexington Holistic Clinic and the Cincinnati Center for New-Age Studies. He has appeared on dozens of radioprograms throughout the U.S., and on national radio in Europe. For seven years, he served as cohost to the remarkably successful radioprogram "Heartmind" on wvxu in Cincinnati. He served as managing editor of Lovespirit and Cosmic Visions magazines, and is current managing editor of Lovelight magazine and the "Universal Love Digest." He has been the host of three tv series, "The Way of Universal Love," "The Psychology of Spirituality," and, "Spiritual Awakenings." He does all his spiritual work free of charge.

MORE ABOUT THE SHOW. We plan to explore the fascinating fields of mysticism, psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, religion, parapsychology, nature, eccentric cults, and a wide spectrum of related topics. We will advocate no single religious path, no dogma. But the show will orbit mysticism, the intercultural, inter-religious Way of Love and enlightenment.
But full success still depends on YOU, on how many local sponsors that we can drum up. Through our Friendship Support Program, we have signed up eighteen promises to support the show for five dollars per slot, per week, for six months. But more is still needed. We hope that you will help yourself and our community by becoming an "underwriter"-- a company who supports the show economically, and is advertised on the show.

Here is our plan: We are going to gather eleven very lucky underwriters.

Your cost would be only $9.95 per week (less than $260 for a six-month contract, as demanded by the station). For this relatively small sum, you could have your contactinfo broadcast weekly to a "hand-picked" audience of thousands of people passionate about, and motivated by, many aspects of healing, metaphysics, and spirituality, "tailored" for services, products, and messages exactly like yours!

The service that we provide is to announce your contactdata to all these thousands. This includes:

your name, or business-name
your phone-number, or business phone-number
your address, or business-address
your email address or business email address
your website
A brief announcement describing the services, products, or message of
your choice

Any combination of the listed factors will be highlighted before thousands of potential, progressive, aware, politically and/or socially minded eager customers once every week! Repetition is the key to good advertising.

During the next six months, less than $260 would not be an expenditure, but a fine investment almost guaranteed to send your business into the clouds! (This is only slightly more than $40 per month.) In an instant, more people could learn about your product, service, or message than with years of ordinary word-of-mouth advertising! Prove that you really believe in your product, service, or message by advertising it! Repetition is the key! Working together, we can improve the world!
Never has our poor little planet needed improvement more than it does right now!

If you have any questions, please feel free to share them, at:

Or, call me, at 513-737-LOVE (5683).

We look forward eagerly to hearing from you soon, and to our cooperative harmony in renewing our planet together.

Peace, Joy, and Love, in your Service,

Richard "Shining Thunder" Francis and the Love Education Team

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