Saturday, September 03, 2005

Death, Destruction, Pattern, and Meaning


The situation with Katrina is almost exactly the same as with the 9-11 catastrophe. No one ever leaves this world "at random," and no one can die at the "wrong" time. The soul plans the moment of death as part of its "predesign" or "lifeplan." Death does not just come at us "out of the blue." That would imply a chaotic cosmos, and the universe is anything but. The fabulous, breath-taking mathematical structure found in a butterfly's wings, or the petals of a rose, are physical analogs to the profound pattern of meaning underlying all mind-phenomena as well.

Everywhere in the cosmos are reason, pattern, and order. So, each soul has a particular moment for its exit from the earth. Souls, as you might be aware, tend to "travel," from life to life, in groups, called "soul-constellations." Some souls are born in temporal proximity, and some souls decide to exit together. But here is the spiritual principle underlying the fearless life of the mystic: If it is not your selected time to leave, nothing can take you away. That is why even some infants, in the midst of terrible conditions, survived the storm. It always occurs in this way.

Similarly, there were people in the World Trade Towers, right in the center, who did not die. There were people who did not come into work for the first time in decades. It was not the correct time for these to leave the earth. Conversely, there were people who had never been to these buildings before, whose souls made absolutely certain that they were there that fateful morning. Why? Because these souls did not want simply to die; but they wanted to teach a meaningful lesson by their deaths. They wanted to die a memorable and meaningful death. Similarly, on the soul-level, some people managed to go considerablly out of their way to be in New Orleans for the time of Katrina. Through their deaths, we also learned some important lessons. An important one is that the gov should invest money in emergency-plans to help its own people, not spending it all on bombs to murder strangers. And there are many other lessons. But this might be the most important. Was New Orleans a "wake-up call" for America?

For you, me, and everyone else, the question of death is not one of "whether." It is just one of "when." So, those who partake of group-death often leave the world making a statement, or they leave in some memorable or educational way. These are true spiritual "heroes," for they give up their lives. Not that they are conscious of this; the conscious mind is a fairly tiny "player" in the "game" of life; all important decisions are made by the Unconscious. Still, no death in the whole world is ever without meaning. and every death represents the outworking of a plan and pattern, at the deep Mindlevel called the "soul."

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