Thursday, September 25, 2008

UMWA takes on NRA's Lies about Obama and Guns


As a member and officer of the UMWA, and a NRA member, I felt that you should share this information with your contact list. I probably own more guns than most republican elected officials who portray themselves as hunters. (they might own a gun)
Pennsylvania and other states are seeing reductions in the number of hunting license sales. The truth is, the unemployed, underemployed and those on fixed incomes, just can't afford the cost to hunt. What is important here is, if McCain is elected, the average working family won't be able to afford to hunt; and license sales will continue to fall.

Wages from 2001 to present are stagnant; and many are working for less McCain voted and supports to out-source [to other countries]family-sustaining jobs the economy is in shambles. McCain proposes to fund healthcare by taxing employer-provided health
benefits as earned income. Who does this affect? It affects, and harms, working families-- those who are fortunate enough still to have them!

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President Roberts and members of L.U. 1702 from the Blacksville #2 mine in District 31 held a press conference Sept. 22 in Charleston, W. Va., to expose an attempt by the National Rifle Association to coerce UMWA members into supporting the NRA's lies about Barack Obama's position on the 2nd Amendment and guns.
The NRA cameras crew came onto Consol company property with the permission of the company in an attempt to film UMWA members. When members didn't say just what the camera crew wanted, they were coached into saying things they didn't really believe.
L.U. 1702 members Jim Toothman and Ken Foyles spoke at the press conference:
Toothman says a mine manager asked him to go outside to speak with the NRA, without warning him he'd be interviewed by a woman on camera.
"She tried to lead me into how to word the answers," Toothman said. "I ended the conversation about that point."
Foyles never went on camera after watching the crew coach a co-worker's answers about her "concerns" about Obama.
"It was my impression they wanted me to bash Barack Obama," Foyles said.
At a subsequent Local Union 1702 meeting, the members voted to request that President Roberts call a Memorial Day at the mine in protest of the company's decision to allow the NRA crew access to company property and of mine management encouraging members to speak to them.

President Roberts granted the request.
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The truth about Sen. Obama's position on the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership is clear: He supports the right to keep and bear arms. He will not take anyone's guns away - period. If anyone from the NRA or anyone else tries to tell you any differently, they're lying.

In solidarity,
Your UMWA Activist Alert Team

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oldcorps76 said...

No, he won't 'take your guns away..' Just sic the ATF on everyoine in the firearms supply chain, like Carter and Clinton. Just meke is harder to buy anything but the most innocuous Wal-Mart peashooter, and when everyhting else is unavailable, the stage will be set for those to go too. Marxists always take the long view...the expoect their goals to take years, one step at a time. And that, my UMWA friends, is elimination of the gun culture -- your culture. But not to worry. You probably will eventually develop a taste for arugula over venison....