Sunday, September 21, 2008


EARTHWORKS Launches No Dirty Energy Campaign

On August 19th EARTHWORKS' Oil and Gas Accountability Project launched the new No Dirty Energy campaign. Modeled on the success of the No Dirty Gold campaign, No Dirty Energy tries to do two things: make energy-users aware of how their energy choices harm (or help) local communities and the environment, so that we can change our energy use habits, and urge energy-users to use their buying power to change the ways of dirtyenergy producers.

On Tuesday, August 19th the No Dirty Energy staff and affected community members from the Colorado area demonstrated at a Phillips 66 station in Denver. Phillips 66 stations in Colorado are known to use oil produced from one of the dirtiest of all energy sources: the Canadian tar sands. The use of dirty tar sands would exacerbate climate change problems and take us even further from the goal of clean, renewable energy. No Dirty Energy is dedicated to reversing tar sands oil spread through the United States.
Give us a hand! Use your consumer power by signing the No Dirty Energy pledge to help clean up the dirty energy industry.

EARTHWORKS fights to protect Ghana National Forest
EARTHWORKS and its partners in Ghana and Europe have criticized plans by
Colorado-based Newmont Mining Corporation
to develop an open-pit gold
mine in a Forest Reserve in Ghana. We released expert reviews of the mine
project that document serious deficiencies in the Environmental Impact
Statement and likely impacts on biodiversity. To read more on the Akyem
mine project, see the summary fact sheet and the press release. Take action.

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