Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notes on Politics


For in the "circle of balance" in life, the Republicans have had the most disastrous and most hideous and murderous administration, led by the incompetent Bush, who "bought" the office, or whose daddy gave it to him on a silver platter. I used to have, growing up, a tremendous respect for the office, but no longer, if it can be purchased by unqualified and disastrous fools who create a monstrous caricature of America the beautiful.

This is a man who, for the right amount of bucks, would gladly start World War III. He has proved that he cares nothing for the environment or for human life (responsible for over a million deaths with his oilbased war). Women's rights over their own bodies mean nothing to this dull and dumb administration. And animal rights, which I know are sacred to you, mean less than nothing, as this administration has acted in ways that have seriously threatened the very existence of many species. Ecology means nothing, and ecological laws have been reversed-- all for a fistful of dollars in the shorterm. This myopic administration still continues in the McCain ticket, with its false and superficial "feminism" in the antifeminist Palin. Since politics is people, and Love is all about people and other creatures, we do have some rather passionate views on the subject.

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