Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ten Aspects of Freedom from Organization


Ten of the most wonderful things that have manifested with glorious freedom from the WT [a cult-organization]? So many! How can they possibly be reduced to only ten? But I will try:

1) Freedom of religion. I can now read and discuss any perspectives about Pentecostalism, fundamentalism, Catholicism, progressive Christianity, gnosticism, kabbalism, and sufism (three of my faves), Buddhism, reincarnation, Hinduism,, agnosticism, and any other delicacy from the wide table of the spiritual smorgasbord of human spirituality. I have found God (Love) in many. I am now, after many years, a universalist, seeing the good and value in each faith, each culture, and each century. I can finally breathe free in a world thick with diversity. I no longer have to "convert" people, or avoid them due to religious prejudice or fears.

2) Personal freedom. I can now celebrate each day, finding the good in it, watching whatever movies I want, reading whatever books I want. I am no longer a "child," and no longer need seek the "permission" of a "mommy" called the "org." Elders treat members as if they were twelve years old; for example, they prohibit "adult" movies and limit members to "PG"-rated films.

3) Deeper Love because it is now unconditional. When loving family or friends, I can now love them as they are, complete with imperfections. All real Love is unconditional, not dependent on the many criteria which we used to use to decide, "May I love this person?"

4) We have stopped dividing the universe, and everything in it, into the "pro" and "anti" Jehovist characteristics. It is a much more pleasant planet when you are following Jesus' command, "Judge not." (Mt. 7:1)

5) More and much better friends, friendship now possible with anyone and everyone. The answer to the question, once asked of me by a jw, "Is he (she) a brother (sister)?" is always now YES! For everyone has now become my "brother" and "sister."

6) Meditation on a regular basis, internal prayer, and selfexamination have led to a greater integration between body and mind, removing many "psychosomatic" problems of hypochondria from which so many members suffer. Stress and tension have been diminished in major ways.

7) Since there are no regulations permitting certain sexual activities and prohibiting others, Lovelife (sexual life with my wife) has grown in sophistication; we have increased our communication, and thus, our shared joy.

8) Now I see God as Love (1 jn.4: 8, 16), and now, I worship Love. This is so much more liberating, with a breath-taking freedom that allows me to "worship" by every act of Love, whether loving my wife, my sister, or any other, even loving the four-footed creatures.

9) The org uses huge chunks of time. Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings were used up by meetings, as was Sunday. Other days were consumed in the field-service work. So, immense amounts of time have been liberated. Now, all that valuable time can be spent investing in friendships, neighbors, family. Or, it can be used to study the world, or to explore hobbies. Or, you can invest it in yourself. (I've a master's degree in psychology, and a b.a. in Spiritual Studies.) God has given us the great gift of time to invest in ourselves and others. Now, we have time to share tv shows together, which we could not as members of the org; now, we also have time to read together, another "luxury" denied by the org.

10) We can now feel free to become politically active-- an important part of our new lives. Really caring for human beings means that you must care for their real social needs. Love calls us, in compassion, to move away from the "neutrality" of the org, and to take a stand for political activism which can really help human beings. The notorious "political neutrality" of the org turns it into a "dead zone" in the community. We also used to believe that the most valuable use of money was always to send it to the org; now, we support numerous charities, giving real aid to the starving and poor of the world, fulfilling Jesus' command that we love "the least" of these "his brothers." For in loving them, we are truly loving Him, as He said.

There is a ton more of data that could be shared. Once the heart begins to blossom with the flowers of many freedoms, there is hardly an end to the sense of daily, hourly celebration. God as Love created us for this sense of continuous joy, for joy is a "fruit of the Spirit." (Ga 5:22). If you want, or need, more, we will be very happy to elaborate on these joys and freedoms. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom," said Paul (2 Cor. 3:17), and Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (Jn. 8:32) The "truth" of Love should never burden us, weighing us down, constricting and restricting. Jesus said, "My load is light and My burden easy." Supporting the org is hard, and continual, work; but following the Love of God in our hearts is, as promised, an "easy" path; every moment is more fulfilling and happy than the preceding one.:):)


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