Saturday, September 27, 2008

My take on the recent historic events & the shape of things to come

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.

So glad ya didn't ask: My take on the recent historic events & the shape of things to come.

McCain's recent shock job on recoiling from the debate tonight: A cover for house republicans in the bail out discussions; a distraction,but also extra drama as he slowly decides whether or not he'll make it tonight [September 26, Friday].

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On the recent provoking of Russia over the Ukraine, Georgia: When we outspent Russia in the 80's under Ronnie Raygunz, we were still making things, prior to our making the same mistakes [as] the British and Dutch Empires-- relinquishing our manufacturing base, and turning to the easy money on Wall Street, [including] the scams [and] schemes. If they're intending a new arms race, we won't be able to afford re-building antiquated nuclear weaponry.

Is this all part of the drive towards a "One World Order"? Crashing our economic base in favor of a "One World" currency & more level playing field, i.e., reduction of middle Americans income,... across the board, while propagating the influx of cheap labor from around the world. [This includes] outsourcing of everything from private manufacturing, to former public services(IRS,etc).

Is there a catastrophic "October surprise" awaiting us-- right before our election? [Its function would be] to either threaten or over-rule the election process. I would not be surprised if there is some "man-made" interference by using the "Shock Doctrine" approach. Once again. while we're in shock and depression, we could let the rest of our rights [and] privacy go. Ya know, during the last freak storm with power out for a week, [we] would accept almost anyone's "New Deal." {This,] just to get your power & life back 'in order'.

We had better try & prepare for the worst with these wolves; their capable of doing anything to stay intrenched in power--so as to keep enriching their wealthiest backers(base)-- cut more taxes, cut more social programs, keep us in more wars, constantly. [These activities are] further profiting the already filthy rich.
My! What wonderful compassionate Conservative Christians!

The Bible, Koran, and Torah/Talmud, as well as Shamans & mystics throughout the world over the last two thousand years, have warned us to "Beware the Darkness," and that "Satan is the Prince of the Air." And the silver-tongued "devil" [fear] works in mysterious covert ways.

What is black now seems white. Left-right. Good is bad. Which way is up, now? What is the mystic path? Is our God Gold, too? It's money that matters to these charlatans, and they will continue to roll us, if we keep empowering & enabling them--with our indifference [and] complacency.

If we stand up to the powerful people from the right wing, it will be ugly. But it must be done. What are our alternatives? More aparteid, genocide, hegemony, Imperialism,and millions more maimed, slaughtered by the most lethal military killing machine in the history of the world. Well, what do we expect it to be? After spending more than the next 18 richest nations combined.

It is now a "monster off its leash"! May Heaven [Love] help us, to be strong, and push straight ahead with the future the universe is waiting for us to grasp. Our path has not been that of the New Testament "Christmind."

May Peace Be upon You & yours,

Mick Gallagher


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