Friday, September 12, 2008

Relief is On the Way


Whoever wins the race for the presidency, the whole world will thank its gods that the worst president in U.S., or world, history, has just stepped down. This man, George W. Bush, tried actually to turn the U.S. into a fascist country. For, by definition, a country whose politics and programs are run by rich corporations is a fascist country. And Bush also worked hard to destroy the middle class-- the backbone of our democracy.

The guy knew nothing of humility; at every opportunity, he strutted, smirked, and pea-cocked before the cameras with a look of complete ignorance ("I haven't a clue") combined with a contradictory look of arrogance. Due to his shenanigans, our foreign policy was also the very worst imaginable, causing billions to hate the U.S.A., and creating many more opportunities for our enemies, including Al-Qaeda.

He failed absolutely to ever capture bin Laden; the Bush family and the bin Laden family had financial and economic ties on many levels; did Bush ever really want to catch the murderous thug?

His staff was not much better than George himself, containing such stellar but criminal stars as Dick Chaney, Condy Rice, and others equally shady. For the sake of corporate welfare, they all cooperated to try to reverse the laws that protect our ecology and, for years, denied the very existence of global warming. Bush and Co. did everything wrong; when they had an opportunity to do good, they always vetoed it or otherwise ruined it. They did more damage, during the last eight years, than all the terrorists combined. They continuously blocked sound ideas in
Congress that would have helped the middle class, and gave great tax-breaks to the very rich, and to corporations. Every time that he had the opportunity, bush stood up for and defended the corporations, corporate welfare, and corporate profit; yet never did he defend the common "blue collar" worker or common householder.

Bush's "ideal government" was one in which not only fascist economic principles dominated, but in which the government could spy on even its own innocent citizens; it did away with several legal rights, and defended the horrors of torture. This government evolved into an alien thing that was not only "unAmerican," but "antiAmerican."

It was, in short, a nightmarish disaster. Neither Americans nor the rest of the world can afford four more years of this horror.

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