Friday, September 05, 2008

The Poorest People in the World

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

Through a visiondream, the Spirit of Love has guided that we take up a third collection for the poorest people on the planet. Our Love Ministries Federation, which cares for these destitute and hopeless, hapless orphans, who have had everything taken from them, including families, by the horrors of commercialism, greed, and war, must care for these abandoned people. They are arguably the "least" of the "brothers of Christ" on this planet, so whatever we do for them, we do for the Christ, or Holy Spirit of Love.
So far, in this collection, we have gathered only a pittance. Please remember that, for the price of one fast-food meal, or one electronic game, or one cd, which you might buy for an American child who already has (and is bored with) several electronic games, and several cd's, you can make the difference between life and death for another sacred human being. There is no better way to love, or to "worship" our sweet Lord of Love! So, please donate today!

Offerings to date:

lmiusa: $96
Kathy Moulton-Posey: $20

Total 090508: $116

Thank you for your manifestation of compassion. Donations of as little as three dollars can make a difference!

Love, Joy, and Peace,

a franciscan taoist, and the staff of Love Ministries USA

ps: So far, we are supporting the following (in alphabetical order):

Love Ministries of India
Love Ministries of Kenya
Love Ministries of Pakistan
Love Ministries of Rwanda
Love Ministries of Tanzania
Love Ministries of Uganda

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