Sunday, November 05, 2006

Smoke Free Ohio

Dear Friends,

With only 5 days to go until Election Day, we are all looking forward to celebrating a SmokeFreeOhio! And while victory will be sweet, we must stay vigilant. Big Tobacco is out in full force, trying to mislead voters. We can still keep that from happening in our state.

We know how hard you've worked to make a Smoke Free Ohio a reality. And the poll numbers are beginning to show it. Ohioans have never been more certain that they want the right to breathe clean air in ALL public places, restaurants, and workplaces.

But now is a critical time. Will you help us by doing "5 things for Issue 5?"

Between now and November 7th, will you:

1. Place 5 more Issue 5 yard signs.
2. Spread the word to 5 more neighbors to vote NO on 4 and YES on 5.
3. Forward this email to 5 co-workers or family members.
4. Sign up 5 friends to help you drop off campaign literature in your neighborhood.
5. By 5pm on Election Day, remind 5 people to get out and vote NO on 4 and YES on 5!

Make sure every Ohioan understands the BIG differences between 4 and 5!

- Issue 4, written and backed by Big Tobacco, would keep smoke in restaurants and lots of other public places, and overturn 21 local smoke-free laws already in place!

- Issue 5, supported by the American Cancer Society, protects ALL workers, families, children, and seniors from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Thank you for helping us with this final push. With your continued support, we'll get Ohioans to the polls on November 7 to vote No on 4!

Yes on 5!

All the best,
Tracy Sabetta

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