Monday, November 27, 2006



The claim that Christianity is evil betrays an absence of good, reliable historical knowledge. For one important matter, "Christianity" involves several very distinct and different historical teachings and groups, some of which are not even related to each other.

This short piece cannot say everything, of course, about such a complex and involved subject; still, it would be very valuable to distinguish between the pristine teachings of Jesus and the nightmarish "Christianity" of the organized religion that followed historically. There is little to no similarity between the two systems.

While, then, it sounds more dramatic to say that Christianity is evil, it is historically imprecise and incorrect. I am nevertheless in full agreement that almost all organized and traditional, orthodox Christianity has been evil almost all the time, but this was a distinction not made clear in your short piece.

Original "Christianity" as the simple message of love taught by Jesus is unrelated to this later organization. If you are to be an accurate and reliable writer, this matter is indispensable, not a triviality. So, please think about amending the article to create outstanding dependability.

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