Wednesday, November 01, 2006

HR 2679 Public Expression of Religion Act

Dear Friends,

I am sending an article from Daily Kos about the House of Representatives attempt to distort the Constitution, again, and to establish a National Religion - or, one might entitle it - The Spanish Inquisition the White House Way! Read on, if you dare.

Well, I will have to try again - it is House Bill - HR 2679-- The Public Expression of Religion Act-- signed into law by Boehner and Chabot (two Bush type idiots anyway,) but might include others as well. It forbids any lawyer who questions a religious issue... and wins, from collecting any legal fees. For example, prayer in school, display of the ten commandments, etc. Some aspects of this Act were dropped, such as establishing a National religion. Nevertheless, the whole thing goes against the separation of church and state philosophy and words of the Constitution.

Therefore, again, this administration is trying to change the Constitution without amending it - sneaky! And it is attempting to prevent any legal challenges to it by forbidding legal fees to lawyers who might actually want to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America. I smell sulfur again! Can Chavez actually be right? This crazy guy is smarter than the administration? Well, duh!

I will try to get this article to you. People of all faiths need to hear about it. Their faith and religious views are in danger. And, for those of us who tread a spiritual rather than religious path - we will burn. The Witch hunts are about to begin! (I hope I am kidding)

(Thanks to Karleen Sell.)

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