Monday, November 27, 2006

JW Video Project

Dearest Friends of the Heart,

Steven McDaniel is a poet/sufi/mystic friend who wants to aid people towards greater growth in the Light. The way that he accomplishes this fine goal is through the production of documentaries about religion, spirituality, and related beautiful subjects.

He has informally and formally requested that our efamily support his latest project. This is about a subject so close to the personal heart that he has asked me to be the coproducer of the piece. The video is about cults and cult-psychology, from the perspective of finding spiritual freedom as a Jehovah's Witness. As you know, many years ago, I was reared within this cult, and found spiritual freedom and great joy only after exiting from its control.

Thousands of others are now wrestling with questions of sanity, family, truth, God, spirituality, etc., and they are in a real and tragic mess of confusion. These poor souls really need all the help that they can get!

Now is your personal chance to make a real difference in our world, by expressing your Love in a real and solid way. Steven has listed all the costs involved in this production, even though we are giving our time free of cost. (His inventory appeared in an earlier issue of the uld.)

So, if you can afford to send along only five or ten dollars, we can, collectively, support this beautiful project.

Unlike other countercult activities, we have no hidden agenda to "force you to 'accept Jesus' in your heart." Our video will be unique precisely because we are going to emphasize psychological, social, and true spiritual factors. We are not trying to turn people to other varieties of fundamentalism. (Almost all other countercult products have this as their hidden agenda.)

Steven assures us that it is his primary goal to refund any funds sent to this project; that repayment to all who have loaned is a first priority. So, he is really asking, not for donations, but for loans, so that he can have the minimal working funds to make this great project a reality.

Steven is a seasoned and experienced film-maker, and wants to produce a professional piece, which he can do, with our help.

So, please take this matter before your highr Self in meditation; contemplate it, and let it incubate in the Unconscious; then, let Love move you to support us to achieve this very elevated and noble goal.

Peace, Joy, and Love,


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