Monday, November 27, 2006

Eating out-- a wasteful, expensive luxury


Thanks for the suggested shared meal.:) We would, in fact, love to share a meal with you. Perhaps you could visit us here at the Golden Buttercupbungalow of Love.:) But nothing substantial has changed since I made the interior vow to avoid the expensive "luxury" of eating out.

This action is only symbolic, as eating out is something that the human nature simplly loves to do (libra rising). But eating out utilizes many resources of nature. It is not the best investment in ecology. But there are also important social reasons for avoiding its luxury and wastefulness.

Of course, we can always "rationalize" these factors away; and, in fact, the human mind is notorious for precisely this type of "justification." It can "justify" virtually any behavior.

This interior vow has been made due to the fact that it has been learned that over one thousand million of our sisters and brothers earn only one dollar a day, and a full two thousand million-- one out of three on the planet-- earn only two dollars a day. Until these figures change, in the right direction, the soul has said that it is best to avoid conspicuous consumption.

While refusing to eat out changes nothing in the larger picture, it is, as noted, only a symbol. It represents human solidarity with those who can never ever eat out.

With you, in loving the Planet, and All,


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