Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stop Billions in Medicare Spending Cuts

Does George Bush really expect American seniors, and other Americans, to sacrifice desperately needed medical supplies so that he can continue to finance his obscene war? He has already murdered 100,000 innocent Iraqis. Isn't that enough to satisfy his bloodlust and his greed or will there ever be enough?

Tell the Congress to protect seniors from these harmful Medicare cuts

(from and thePetitionSite, sponsored by the Democratic Congressonal Campaign Committee)

The Bush Administration released its fiscal year 2007 budget which slashed Medicare by $36 billion over the next five years and $105 billion over the next ten years.

These are cuts to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, ambulance services, and other providers and increases in Medicare premiums for certain beneficiaries. At the same time that the budget slashes Medicare funding, it protects the special interests, leaving intact the $10 billion Medicare slush fund for HMOs. We can't let our parents and grandparents pay the price for Republican corruption.

We must stop the reckless Bush Administration agenda. Join the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in sending this petition to tell Congress to put our seniors ahead of their big industry donors. Democrats are ready to act but need Republicans to vote against it as well. There are simply not enough Democrats to stop it without bipartisan support. Helping elect Democrats in the November election will ensure a Democratic Majority who would restore the People's House once again to the people putting our seniors first.

Sign the petition and tell Congress to Protect our Seniors from Billions In Harmful Medicare Cuts!

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