Saturday, February 18, 2006

Democrats Should Be Ashamed

Article attributed to John Townley, received via email.

We should be ashamed and embarrassed, due to ignorance-supporting apathy!

Where is the vision articulated by Democrats in the 2004 Democrat National Convention?

Where is the party wide outrage when Bush gives a speech about making America more competitive in the global economy on the same day he signs legislation slashing funding for college scholarships?

Where are our leaders when Bush/Cheney illegally spy on Americans?

Where is the outrage when Bush, virtually quoting Nixon, says if he does something, it cannot be illegal because he's the president?

Where is the outrage when Bush signs bi-partisan legislation banning the use of torture by Americans, yet says he does not have to comply with the provisions?

Where are our leaders when Bush continues pushing for more tax cuts for his rich cronies while proposing funding cuts for Head Start, Medicaid, food stamps, community action agencies, energy assistance programs, and many other programs designed to help the most needy among us? He's hurting senior citizens, kids, the poor, and veterans, among many others.

Where are our leaders when statistics show the number of Americans living below the poverty level continues to increase?

Where are our leaders when the Republican led state legislature passes a late night bill giving them huge salary increases, and illegally taking the raises in the same term of office via unvouchered expenses?

Where is the outrage when more and more companies dump pension plans, leaving many hard working Americans with little or no retirement income?

After posting record profits in 2005, IBM announces a freeze on pensions starting in 2007. Their current CEO is slated to receive a pension of $75,000 per week.
Where is the outrage when airlines and other big companies file for bankruptcy and dump their pension plans on the taxpayers? Yet Congress passes legislation making it more difficult for Americans to file bankruptcy when hit with overwhelming medical bills, or even financial hardship caused by their loved one's serving his/her country?

Where is the outrage when mine tragedies in West Virginia kill over a dozen miners in the first month of the year, while the companies are
slapped with minimal fines for safety violations?

Where is the outrage when miners trapped in a mine in Canada are saved because they were able to retreat to a safe room inside the mine, complete with oxygen supplies, yet American companies are not required to to meet similar standards because it might be too difficult or expensive?

Where is a leader offering a policy to truly make America safer, including an exit strategy from Iraq, true homeland security plans, and a strategy to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden and not ignore him because his continued existence benefits political goals?

Where is a Democrat leader offering a vision for America based on hope and cooperation, and not on fear and divisiveness?

The American people are ready, but the so-called leaders are too afraid of being "Roved" if they speak out. The American people deserve

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