Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Lord's Prayer: Temptation


The Lord's Prayer contains the phrase, "Lead us not into temptation" because the Lord of Love is the Fountain and Source of the world-dream. (This is the everyday world.) So, God is ultimately responsible for whatever "temptations" that we encounter, although we are personally responsible for our reactions.

Here is how it works: The world, or cosmos, is dreamed into being by the One, the Lord of Love. This is the great Mind at the Center of all minds. (It is collective, or shared.) This Lord dreams up an utterly perfect universe. But, before it can become conscious, it must pass through the filter of the soul, a personal factor (not collective, also in the Unconscious). When it passes through this altering filter, the world is changed so that it reflects our personal karmic pattern. It dreams into being our karma, and plays that back to us. That is why the experienced world is so far from perfect.

In all history among the monotheisms, there has been only one Creator, and that is this Mindlevel called "Spirit." So, whatever temptation exist must be created by God or Lovemind.

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