Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Agreement in Love


It is wonderful and delightful when the Holy Spirit leads two souls into full agreement!:) That is worth celebrating!

But this does not always necessarily happen. For the Spirit is very subtle, and there can exist resistances to it that are even unconscious. (We are not even aware of them.) There can also exist, in the busy mind, an inability even to "hear" the "still, small voice" of Love in the heart.

For this and other reasons, it is possible for two good, sincere, and intelligent people to disagree about doctrines. Holy Spirit does not always guide people into doctrinal conformity, but often leaves it up to our free will to decide what we want to believe. Even "obvious" truths are not obvious to all, and some misunderstandings can be very attractive to our lower nature. So, it is possible to celebrate a diversity of variety within the family or communion of Love.

While we do not try to force doctrinal conformity, we do respond, as loving people, to wisdom and reason. Still, the goal of the Lord of Love is to create as much Love, and as powerful a Love, as possible among God's children. This Love is the motive, and the only motive, of a truly spiritual teacher. She cares about your mind and its content, for she knows that what you hold to be true can ruin or energize your life. So, the function of the Spirit is not to create doctrinal conformity, but only Love. Those who love each other will naturally seek compromise and as much agreement as possible.

Harmony is the Way of Love, and always feels great!:)

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