Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Murdering Evil?


Each person must respond to the guidance of the Spirit (Love) as she understands and "hears" it. In complex moral decisions, such as, Should I kill Hitler?" the factors involved are very intricate, interwoven, interactive, and of enormous complexity. Not knowing the future, we can say with absolute certainty that murder is always the "wrong" activity.

Our lower nature (fear-nature) would love to kill someone such as Hitler or binladen. Many would like to kill bush as well. But we have zero guarantee that killing Hitler would have stopped the madness of Germany and its crazy antisemitism. He was only one man, after all, and easily replaced.

Still, it is impossible for human beings to speak in absolutes. Hitler, if killed, would likely have been immediately replaced by someone just as nuts! On the other hand, it is possible that killing such a violent psychotic could well have saved many lives. Ignorance of the outcome is not exactly bliss, but it does prevent us from thinking in simplistic, naive "black and white" terms of "right and wrong."

Murder is always wrong. But can there be mitigating factors? No doubt there can be. Besides, when we look at our model in nature (as divine expression), it can be argued that it is simply a matter of time until "she" (nature) kills us all.

But to use this as a rationalization to take a life is nightmarishly dangerous. However evil the person, we must admit that nature has given him/her life, and no one has the right voluntarily, deliberately to take that life. As noted, in time, nature will do the job for us. And, through disease and genetic mechanisms, nature often takes a person out of this world "before his time." (This is never literally true, of course, since no one ever exits early.)

To sum up, killing one person voluntarily, with premeditation would certainly sow the seeds of future painful karma, and would definitely not solve anything. When an evil person is removed, another, just as evil, immediately "pops up" to take his/her place. So, murder is not only bad politics and bad policy; it is just plain "bad." It is evil, a violation of all that the enlighten hold to be sacred. Nothing-- no behavior-- is powerful enough to "justify" murder. For if the good guys start to murder the bad guys, they have themselves become the "new" bad guys!


Donald said...

Killing is natural.
Murder is natural.
People are animals.
Religion has its good as well as bad.
What do you think causes 99 percent of the wars in the world?
Killing and Murder Malicously is wrong, having EVOLVED, not been formed from nothingness by a master which is contradicted by fossils of dinosaurs.
Belief in a higher power is good, self evident truths are good, the ten commandments are good, the deadly sins are correct in that they are bad.
A higher power there could be yes, mans interpretation of how it was done incorrect IN MY OPINION, its a self truth that everyone is allowed their OWN OPINION, and should they clash turn to the other things we have found to be "Right"
Right is in the eye of the beholder. The standard is set by society, though they may think they are RIGHT, in their ANSWERS, it doesn't mean it is CORRECT.
The NAZI's thought their ANSWER was RIGHT, but it wasn't CORRECT. It goes against a self evident truth of the evolution of mankind that murder is bad because it hinders our self rights. What is our rights, our rights are standards set by society, does it mean they are correct? Correct as other things is SELF EVIDENT.

VirusHead said...

Donald - Richard created posts to answer your comment. Please view them here and here.