Thursday, February 23, 2006

Misrepresentation of God


As you just might be well aware, I do not believe that God (Love) punishes people for ignorance. And Love does not really "become upset" at even stupid human behavior. As for Katrina, you also know my feelings that "God" had nothing to do with this horrible disaster. God appeared in the help that arrived after the storm.

Graham's statement that we pushed God out of our lives and schools, and then, God abandoned us, is utter foolishness, if not blasphemy! God is Love, and never, under any conditions, abandons Her children to horrors created by nature. God had nothing to do with Katrina, and to see it as either divine "punishment" or "neglect" is to prove oneself ignorant and myopic. A person, in pain and ignorance, can deny God a thousand times, and push God out of her life, and reject God.

But God's actions are not controlled by human behaviors. For God is supremely independent, and acts as unconditional Love despite human weaknesses and foolishness. A person can deny God a thousand times, but, being infinite and unconditional Love, God will never abandon her. This mini-article that you forwarded represents a tragic misunderstanding of a petty and punitive god. This is a god who is petulant and peevish, who responds with the "vengeance" of an arrested human being.

It cannot be overemphasized, in the light of such gross misunderstanding and misrepresentation, that God's Love is infinite (limitless) and totally unconditional. Our society's rejection of religion has not affected God a molecule! God remains always loving, always open, always forgiving. Misunderstandings such as those supported by Graham only make people nervous, uncertain, and morose. The only way to invite God into our lives is by striving fora higher nature, not yielding to simplistic and naive "explanations" that deny God's abundance of Love. It is the religious leaders who are denying God, by portraying God as a spoiled brat who throws temper-tantrums! How lost, how confused, can you possibly get?

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