Monday, March 09, 2009

TV Review: "Everybody Loves Raymond"


In an episode of this half-hour sitcom, a main character, Deborah, complains that her husband Ray is deficient in Lovexpression. He wants to find out why, and asks his father Frank, usually an emotionally cool and distant person, a very study in emotional inexpression. Ray's brother Robert soon joins the conversation, and the family undergoes a very short-lasting (momentary) metamorphosis. Everyone becomes very selfconscious, and deeply embarrassed, but they begin to tell each other
that they love one another.
This is very soon perceived as an extreme embarrassment, and everyone is apologetic and ashamed. Deborah says that she is sorry that she ever brought up the subject, and Frank says that it should never be mentioned again.
This view towards Love, and Lovexpression, is the very root of much of what is wrong with our families, communities, and societies. Why on earth should a person feel embarrassed, ashamed, or selfconscious because she expresses Love towards her loved ones? She should not; instead, she should feel happy and fulfilled; she is doing what she was created to do.
The Baron family, in this episode, treats Love as if it were some obscene secret, to be mentioned only in private, and never acknowledged-- at least, not on a regular basis. This fearbased attitude towards Love is a corrosive that eats away at family unity, loyalty, joy, fun, and general open sharing.
So, as the people of Love, let us embrace the opposite perspective: Let us unashamedly express Love as often, and as openly, as possible. Let us express Love, of many kinds, in as many varieties as we know. Try to tell loved ones that you love them as often as possible. For our tiny planet is starving for Love, and for Lovexpressions.
Let us not be "shamed" into making It a big, dark secret. Love, like charity, to which It is related, begins at home; let us never be ashamed of It, or allow Its expression to make us selfconscious.

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