Monday, March 09, 2009

Messages to the "Universal Love Digest" (uld)


When we first started the uld ("Universal Love Digest"), it was a completely open forum to which any nut, fanatic, or preacher could send absolutely any message in the world! We received, for example, a lot of stuff damning political parties, predicting the "end of the world," some trying to prove that Christian Science was the "world's only 'right' religion," some recommending the worship of extraterrestrials or "ghosts," and other nonspiritual, even antispiritual, stuff. Some passionately advocated exclusive cults-- excluding all outside their cults. Some of it was even harmful.

So, now it has been arranged that all submissions to the uld pass by this desk at Love Ministries first, as a protective preventative. And, as you know, the uld has a different email address than we (Adamaria and I).

But all of us-- all the readers of the uld-- always appreciate your kind and supportive messages. Anything that is written to uplift, and that contains no "secrets" (private information) or dogmatism might be published, but only if it is made clear that the writer wants to publish it! It is, and never will be, our inclination or intention to publish anything personal., .

But if you do not want any note to end up in the uld, please do not send it to:

Instead, please send all personal messages to:

(Adamaria has a different address, but we are going to consolidate the two services into one.)

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