Friday, March 27, 2009

Medicine, Healing, and Love

How right you are about my Soulmate, who has made this life far better than we could or would have ever predicted!:) She is gentle cool clear water on a planet that is so often a harsh superheated desert.:)

Re the transplant, we have come to cease expecting anything from the docs, who almost never communicate "from on high;" and their nurses are useless when it comes to information re the timing of the transplant, guarding any with their lives as a "deep, dark secret." This is ludicrous to absurd. So, we have come to expect precisely nothing from either group; when it is convenient for them, they might let us know; just hope that we have time to prep and pack!:)

There is little to no empathy in the entire system of modern medicine; the whole interaction has been computers speaking "digitese" to other computers; hardly a human communication has occurred. In fact, I have received not a single email message from any doctor or any nurse from thebeginning.

This proves how far medicine has drifted from healing; for, in healing, the human aspect, especially the alleviation of suffering, is always in the top one percent of cares; in this ultratechnical system, the human element is eradicated as far as possible. No wonder that they are planning to use robots for surgery; that will rid the system of its last technical imperfection-- human input. Medicine, already frosty and snowy, just gets colder.

You are right on target, by the way, in your hard-earned lesson that there are people to whom you can give Love, and those to whom you cannot. To find those "hungry" and "thirsty" for Love-- in both its giving and receiving-- is truly a blessing. But trying to love Martha [pseudonym] and her ilk is a spectacular waste of timenergy, and of even life itself. For she still has very much growing to do, and it is not likely that she can accomplish this during one little lifetime.

So, to sum up, we are where we began: in the dark. But we have promised the Spirit that we will attempt an honestly Taoist attitude towards this entire matter of the transplant: Just trust and wait, not fret, worry, or manipulate. And the reward has been increased peace.:)


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