Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Men's Brains and Women's Brains


Despite differing neurocircuitry between the brains of males and those of females, I hold to the standard psychological view that "men are from earth, and women are from earth." Exactly when this became "radical" appeared after the "men from Mars" and "women from Venus" syndrome. This divisive perspective infected seriously and deeply the entire culture, society, and community, despite its falsehood, for it was catchy and pseudo-clever.

It did succinctly state that there are differences, but simply (often, terribly) overstated the case. It reinforced unhealthy sexism on both sides, and its effect was catastrophic. The sexes stopped talking, and often, even stopped wanting to talk. There was a kind of "destinarian" giving up on intersex communication. This was extremely unhealthy, and very damaging, as it posited major and irrevocable differences between male and female brains.

The truth, both physiologically and anatomically, is that our brains share much more in common than their real and important differences. (We are, after all, the same species.)

My brain, for one, does not work with a million little "boxes" at all-- despite the fact that the male brain is "supposed" to work this way. Like the "female" brain, I am capable of making millions of interconnections; indeed, I believe that everything is interconnected. Does that make me "female"?

I don't think so, for I find the female of the species too enjoyable, indeed, too captivating. Their yin polarity is superattractive to my own yang. This is indeed how nature has created all of us, and I find it not only comfortable, but highly enjoyable.

Mysticism itself, as a philosophy, is the first to confirm and support the "all is interconnected" worldview. This does not make mysticism "female," even though very much in it leans in that direction. (Mystics are often more comfortable with a "Goddess" than a traditional "god," for example.)

As long as one is processing through "boxes," whether she/he be male or female, that person is cut off from the vital Flow or Tao of the universe. She has missed her Christnature (Buddhanature) entirely, and is lost in illusion.

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