Friday, March 27, 2009

Movie Review: "Something the Lord Made"


This movie (2004) sounds as if it has a religious theme, but it does not. Instead, it is thoroughly sociospiritual, defending equal opportunity for all. It is the dramatic story of an African American doctor (Vivian Thomas) who was born with the creative genius to understand the depths of medicine. Originally a carpenter, he aided a caucasian physician to perform the first heart-surgery. The caucasian doc got all the credit-- no surprise in the old days of bigotry and ignorance. (Until then, surgeons were prohibited from ever touching the
This is the story of how this brilliant man was ignored, neglected, even abused, in the United States because of his race. The story is not a blast of excitement; in some areas, it feels almost like a documentary.
But it tells a story that badly, desperately needs to be told, of how society often ruined itself by ruining the lives, or preventing the educational development, of minority-persons. Due to this blind and ignorant pressure, any number of good, even great, minds went to waste. The hero of the movie, Vivian Thomas, was the exception. After years of hard and even genius-level work, he was rejected by several minority universities; and too little, too late, he was finally granted a
doctorate from Johns-Hopkins, which his life and discoveries greatly benefited.
This movie is a reminder that, no matter how humble a beginning, a Soul has a history that might grant it genius, or gifts, in many areas. We should never take any person, any Soul, for granted. Each should be given an equal chance to participate in, and give to, the Whole.

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