Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Worshipping Love


Your note brought megaphotons of joyful light into the local "world" here! Your sheer joy, a fruit of the Spirit, poured out of every word. This does not mean that you will never again have a "lower energy" day, but this uplifting feeling (mood) is a simple foretaste of your inevitable future. For your Soul is just beginning to feel its ecstatic freedom, and It is celebrating!:)

Re your boys: You are right: They are your sacred assignment from the cosmos. You will never be responsible for everything that they do or say. For, especially as they grow into adulthood, they have to live out their chosen and designed destiny, lifeplan, or life-agenda. This might have little to do with you, although they have certainly been blessed with a smart and compassionate mother. And this fact will bless them forever!:)

We who believe that God is Love take this truth very,very seriously. This means nothing less than that we worship Love. This makes us better people every day. We uplift compassion, kindness, and goodness-- all as expressions of Love. The very best gift that you could ever give your boys is to explain this fact to them.

Most people claim to "believe in" and even "worship" God. But when you ask them exactly what it is that they worship, they are often silent, or confused; it seems as if they have never given the question any thought. Many, of course, worship the "ultimate extraterrestrial"-- some "external god" in outer space. Others worship the confused, contradictory impossibility of the attempt to blend the angry and psychotic Jehovah with the Lord of Love. Still others admit that they still worship the wargod of four millennia in the past-- the primitive, cruel, violent, unjust Jehovah, or some variation. (These are very mixed up, and trying to worship a mean god makes them mean; for people become like the god(s)whom they worship.

And there are many other godimages, of course. But the people of the Way, the people of Love, know precisely Whom and What they worship. For we worship Love. This fills our minds with clarity and joy, our hearts with contentment and fulfillment; for human beings were and are designed to worship Love. It is totally fulfilling and absolutely satisfying, in a way that worship of any false god could never be.

God (Love) fills our lives with deep tranquility, bottomless joy, compassion, tenderness, forgiveness, and everything else that is liberating and joyful.

If you choose to make it clear to your boys that you are a serious worshiper of Love, they will never be misled by the plethora of false gods and nutty ideas proliferating among the cults and denominations. Also, they need not grow up confused. If you answer the nuclear question f all life-- "Who or What is God") then your life has a solid, grounded serenity that is immovable. If this God is your ground of being, your
Source, your Friend, Father, and Mother (in the spiritual world), it gives you a feeling of indisturbable peace. Your life grows imperturbable. Nothing can sway you from this path.

If you walk the Way of Love, you will take an interior vow never voluntarily, deliberately to harm any living creature. (This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm.) This keeps you out of trouble.

As an example, sex is one of the most beautiful forms of Love. Yet the honor within the harmless life (your vow) makes you want the very best for yourself. (This arises from self-Love.) The need to "harm no one" includes yourself, and we also try never to harm anyone emotionally. And the very best is a solid, monogamous, faithful relationship with one Soul, your Soul-mate. You trust the Spirit within to guide you towards this very special person. So, Love does not imply promiscuity, but quite the opposite. For promiscuity creates only pain, suffering, misery, and anguish in the long term. Out of self-Love, you will work to develop and cultivate the patience to find your real Soul-mate, for this will lead to a stability in life that reinforces the stability of your interior peace. Self-Love and other-Love change everything for the better.

Other challenges in life, if met with Love, can also be solved through a balanced blend of compassion and reason. This makes life easier and more enjoyable for yourself and for everyone else. You have begun to touch the sense of deep happiness now that your Soul (very deep mind) has begun to "remember" the Way of Love. This will get only better and better in the future. You have begun a long and winding road that will end up in ecstasy, or total joy, which is the will of Love (God) for you. What a sheer delight it is, and how kind of you, to allow us a small window into
your progress and growth. I want to be there always for you, my friend.:)

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