Saturday, April 21, 2007

Caution: Tabloid Metaphysics


Metaphysics, like its relative, spirituality, can be great fun! It is not all serious, humorless facts and figures, dull and boring. For true spirituality, at its best, includes a sense of play and fun.

Still, , we must distinguish metaphysics from the deeper, and much more important, spirituality. And because metaphysics is, at its best, related to spirituality, it must have a certain serious quality. It is much more than "fun and games."

We must use discrimination and discernment-- both spiritual gifts-- to select those metaphysical activities that will truly aid in spiritual development and growth. And there is, happily, very much in metaphysics which supports, motivates, and creates spiritual effects. An example is the study of crystals, that of color, or sound-music. For the fields of chromotology and chromovisualization can be very spiritually valuable, as can the field of audiosonics, used in both healing and meditation.

But there is another field of metaphysics of which the careful student must beware. It is the facile, shallow area called "tabloid" metaphysics. This analogy implies that there are forms of metaphysics that have a relationship with spirituality aanalogous to the relationship of "yellow" or "tabloid" journalism's relationship to true news.

As you cannot get much reliable scientific news or details of current events from ragsheets, so you cannot derive anything of real spiritual value from tabloid metaphysics. It is spiritually worthless, yet can cost a fortune to indulge.

What marks this tabloid metaphysics? It is similar in contents to the contents of ragsheet-journalism. Some metaphysicists (not all are spiritual) claim to have a special relationship with a dead (former) movie-star or tv-star. Others claim to "channel" such famous persons as Princess Di. Using these to improve spirituality would be similar to getting all your news from the Weekly World News.

These tabloid pretenders charge a lot of money for their "services." But they offer nothing of real value. They cannot aid clients to live better lives. Often, they do not even pretend to offer anything spiritual, for they are spiritually bankrupt.

Tabloid metaphysics will not only waste your time and energy, but also your funds. It is quite expensive-- another sign that the ego is in charge. Instead of using money to support frauds and phonies, you need to think about giving funds to reliable charities, or directly to poor people, challenged persons, or the generally suffering inhabitants of our poor little planet.

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