Monday, April 02, 2007

Love and Love Ministries


Every act of Love (compassion) is an act of true worship. Whenever you help an animal, or save a dog, or show Love to any human being, you are in active and very fruitful "worship." This Love is, in fact, the only real worship. For going to church, studying the Bible, singing hymns, and saying public prayers-- usually mistaken for worship-- can be done by any fool or hypocrite. But no fool or hypocrite can love.

In harmony with this finest of principles, every thought of Love is a true "prayer."

A life spent in services such as the saving of animals and the adoption of children is a life spent in sacred service. There is no better use of time or spiritual resources. No act of Love is ever "illusion." Each is an everlasting "investment" in your own eternity. Each and every act of compassion is worth the timenergy that it requires to do it, and results are very, very real.

Thanks for your kind offer to support the work of Love Ministries. We never charge for our spiritual work; seminars, lectures, tapes, and personal advice (through email, telephone, or visits) are all given free. But our work, especially publishing books, can become quite expensive; and so, we do receive voluntary Love-donations from time to time. Thanks again for asking.

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