Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Man (Most Deservedly) Alone


Several politicians and newscasters have recently described george bush as a "man alone." While at one time, his corporate-supportive and ecologically destructive policies were supported by several Republicans and conservatives among leaders, today, he has alienated even the people (including "Christians") of his own party. Even the most vociferous supporters have abandoned his sinking ship. In the elections of twenty-oh-six, politicians fled from being photographed with him, and backtracked from any apparent agreement with this little dictator.

Some see him as an inept incompetent, others as a simple moron. (His i.q. is only 90.) Still others present him as deliberately evil, despite his incompetence. In his deliberate policies, he has clearly sided against the people, and firmly placed himself squarely on the side of evil.

It is difficult to dispute the portrayal of the man as a sociopath. Strong evidence indicates that he has no conscience. That he cares not at all for human life was clearly demonstrated by his reaction to the Katrina catastrophe; and he has continued to disregard the value of human lives in Iraq. (Some estimate that he has been responsible for the murder, through war, of 600,000 Iraqis, including many women, and many children. (To be a formal, official "soldier" in Iraq, a child of twelve can qualify.)

Besides mass-murder, and hideous neglect, bush has consistently acted in favor of large corporations, and against the best interests of the average working man and woman. He has resisted several programs designed to aid the poor and the challenged, while spending many billions on bombs and other instruments of death and torture for his war.

He has severely, extremely, and consistently resisted and opposed laws that restrict pollution; indeed, for the sake of the rich, he has even attempted to reverse these, moving some industries backwards towards the tragic situation of the 1970's. He has proved in several ways to be a "backwards thinker." His priorities are topsy-turvy, upside-down, and backwards. For him, it is clear that money is much more important than human life. Indeed, if enough money is involved, human life is quickly sacrificed to the demon of gold.

This is his real and only "god." In blowing his own trumpet-- loudly and repeatedly-- on what a good "Christian" he is, bush has brought only shame to this fine and beautiful faith. In his crooked politics, his past history, his hatred for Mother Earth, his zeal for a nightmarish war, his negligence of the value of human and other life, and other ways, he has shamed Jesus Christ. We recall that Jesus was a radical, and terrified the conservatives of his day with the simple message of Love. (He would likely be kicked out of many modern "Christian" fundy churches.)

So, the evidence is very strong that bush has been an utter and abominable failure-- as a man, as a businessman, as a politician, and certainly, as a Christian. His implicit approval of torture and dishonesty prove that he is a puppet of corruption. His evil life has already set the wheels of karma rolling for the next few hundred centuries.

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