Saturday, April 14, 2007

Caring for Your "Donkey"


When your physical body ("donkey") becomes sick, it is sending you a message. It is saying, "I need more rest," or, "I need more relaxation," or, "I need attention," or, "I need better nutrition," or, "I am over-stressed," or, "I need de-toxifying," or a similar message.

The most compassionate response is to "shut down" any unnecessary activities, and give your body extra rest. This is common sense, but is anything but common. Some take biological signals (sickness) as "challenges." They feel "weak" if they give in, and yield to the donkey's demand for rest. They actually see the "battle with illness" as some sort of macho contest. They really, but secretly, feel very weak inside, and so, they try to prove how "tough" they are. So, when ill, they go about their regular business: They go to work, visit others, and otherwise continue their normal lives.

This further stresses the body, over-whelming it. It also spreads any virus- or bacteria-caused disorder, spraying or infecting friends, family, and strangers with micro-critters that also make them sick.

This is the most unloving (antiagapic) response imaginable. This is not "endurance" or "toughness," but simple carelessness and ignorance. It is foolishness, stupidity, and cruelty.

When the donkey becomes ill, you need to stop, for a while, all unnecessary social activities. You need to get extra rest, and extra sleep. Take the phone off the hook for a few hours, and ignore mail and email for a day. You can use supplemental vitamins and minerals to strengthen your "donkey." You might want to try echinacea and golden seal, as well as extra vitamin c. You need to eat regularly, moderately, and healthily. Do all your friends a favor, and stay away from them-- at least, until you are asymptomatic (without symptoms of illness).

Distract yourself from thinking about illness, with entertainment and good reading. Or take the time to do some positive spiritual reading. Use the healing-power of hot water and sunlight. Use chromovisualization to surround your donkey with blue energy for rest, red-orange for activation and energization. Most importantly, cancel appointments and get extra rest and sleep. Do not push yourself.

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