Monday, December 26, 2005

More Dream-symbols

Re your dream: Your friend represents "trust." What does Dan [pseudonym] represent? They get together on a motorcycle at the beginning of the dream. This is the part of yourself that is moving, growing, making tracks, making progress. These two qualities are in the lead; they are creating spiritual, intellectual, or emotional growth for the rest of your mind. That is why they are "moving," and doing so together.

The "old furniture" represents old ideas (thought-structures) in your mind. You "trust" in them, for they belong to the man who represents "trust." But they are not in very good shape, and might not be very useful. For they need fixed up. In terms of spirituality, these could reflect old ideas or dogmas from religion. They are not bad; they just need repair, restructuring, reconstruction, and "fixing up." So, do not throw away ideas just because they are old. Some are worth keeping, such as faith in Jesus Christ, works of penance, and moral guidelines.

The "apartment" above the garage is the higher part of your own mind. This is where trust does the reparations. Also, art is done here; this is how you interpret the world, and create beauty.

His complaining wife is the part of your mind that is not happy or satisfied. Perhaps you are confused about trust. Perhaps you fear trusting the wrong ideas, or the wrong people. She is the part of your mind that tells you not to trust just anybody. For Love is given freely to all; but trust must be earned by a person's trustworthy behavior.

The good news is that the wife was not unhappy that you were there; this is evidence of selfacceptance. She is upset only because she fears trusting the wrong people, or the wrong ideas. "I don't want you to leave! she said," you say in your letter. So, this part of your mind likes the other parts of your mind; that is interior integration, a very good sign.

You write, "Then, I went into the bathroom, and my friend was trying to open the door to get into the bathroom, and I did not want him to come in." The "bathroom" represents interior purification-- a major and very common theme in many dreams. You cannot self-purify if you are trusting too much, and that is why you want to keep your friend ("trust") out of the part of your mind that purifies you spiritually ("bathroom"). You simply cannot grow if you trust the wrong people, or the wrong ideas.

You write, "So I hold the door with my foot." The "foot" is the symbol of pisces energy. If you have pisces energy in your chart, you are using this spiritual energy to make sure that you do not fall into gullibility, as so many "spiritual wannabes" do. If you do not have this energy in your chart, you can "borrow" it from others. This holding closed the door against overtrusting is very healthy.

You write, "My friend was too nice to me, as if he liked me as a woman, and not just as a friend." This part of your mind, the part that can overtrust and become gullible, is still confused about Love. You need to learn more about It. You need clearly to distinguish cosmic Love from romantic Love. A Love can be both, but they are two very different kinds or types (varieties) of Love. There are many types, and many powerlevels, of "Love," and they are all very different. You do not "love" your dog as you love your mother; and you do not love her the same way that you love a child; you love a sister differently, and a stranger with still another kind of Love.

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