Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Christmas Gullibility Test

Are the following statements true or false? To make it easier, send the statements you believe are false to Gator and I will post how many got them all correct: Just send me the question numbers for your answers.


1) The word 'mistletoe' means 'dung on a twig' in Anglo-Saxon

2) It was illegal to celebrate Christmas in puritan New England.

3) The modern image of a fat, red-suited Santa Claus was invented by the Coca-Cola Company.

4) The bones of the original Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) are preserved in a church in Italy.

5) Jesus Christ was born on December 25.

6) Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair campaigned to ban all christmas programs, songs, and carols from public schools.

7) NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa and his sleigh every year on radar.

8) The Bible tells us that three wise men visited the infant jesus as he lay asleep in a manger.

9) The suicide rate rises dramatically around Christmas.

10) Christmas only became a legal holiday in England and America late in the nineteenth century. Before then people were expected to go to work on Christmas Day.

11) The Canadian Post Office has given Santa Claus his own official postal code at the North Pole.

12) Abbreviating Christmas as Xmas is disrespectful.

(Thanks to Ty Scharrer)

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