Monday, December 26, 2005

Increasing Body-energy


You need to do several things, and your donkey [body] is telling you to do them. The low-energy is a communication from your body. Here are some things that you need to do every day to gain the energy that you have lost:

A vegetarian diet gives or provides energy, and that is very good; red meat drains energy. But it is possible that you are also still adapting or detoxing. Time will tell. Your diet might need more complex carbs-- especially healthy fruits and grains. Try to make sure that you are getting enough calories-- a minimum of 1800 on days when you are very active, less on less active days.

Try to do some spiritual reading every day.

Try to get regular sleep, at the same time every night. Try eight hours, and see whether that is too much for your system. Melatonin can help you sleep. It is the natural chemical produced by the brain that causes natural sleep. You need only one milligram per night, and it comes in a sublingual form (melts under your tongue). People over fifty might need two milligrams, and older people can use still more.

Listen to energizing music. I do not mean hard rock, acid rock, or heavy metal, which can be harmful to the energy system, but upbeat "new age" music.

Meditate every day. Use the "pervasive" system if possible.

Exercise aerobically once a day. Try to do this for one-half hour. Make the time to do this; the time will not just "come to you." You must schedule it in, and then, treat it as a sacred activity, for loving your body is sacred.

Visualize your body in an "egg" of brightly colored light. Picture the light penetrating into your body, inside as well as outside. For relaxation, use blue; for energy, use bright orange or red.

In your world, surround yourself with red as much as possible. Wear red. You can buy a bright red "theater gel" and place it on a window through wich the sun shines, and then, take an "energy bath" every day. You can also get a red "party bulb" and put it in a lamp in the dark, when watching tv or listening to music. (If you want relaxation, use a blue bulb.)

Get a very clear crystal and hold it in your left hand for fifteen minutes a day. This will charge the system with energy.

These are just a few important "energenic" (energy-generating) ideas. When you do them so often that they are a routine, others can be added to the list.

If you cannot do them all, include in your daily routine as many as you can. Each one is energenic, and each one will help.

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