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Heneghan Smoking Gun Theory

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Just when you thought the "stories" couldn't get any stranger, we find a version of truth that actually goes beyond anything dreamed up by the Hollywood money machines. The future, if nothing else, promises to be interesting. The rest is as I received the multi-forwarded information.


This partly incoherent posting nonetheless poses a couple of interesting possibilities.

I remember a friend who had worked on classified projects telling me that it was fascinating to see how they were systematically leaked, part truth, part falsehood, part distortion, so that it would make it harder for anyone to tell, when something was leaked later, how much was real. This has those same earmarks.
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Subject: Strange but Probable


Tom Heneghan appeared in a short audio briefing on for Tuesday, November 22, 2005 and made a bold prediction in light of the recent revelations of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Heneghan has been reporting for a week now that the primary reason for the outing Plame was not in retribution against her husband Joe Wilson for disputing claims that the government of Niger had supplied Iraq with nuclear materials. But rather, he was outed for the role of her CIA team in the interruption of a covert plan to smuggle weapons of mass destruction into Iraq before the war. Heneghan is now saying that this new evidence is the smoking gun about to crumble the Bush administration at any time now.

"The Bush administration needed to out Valerie Plame and destroy her credibility because her team, linked to Brewster Jennings and associates, had interdicted and completed a sting operation against this group that was trying to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so that the American troops that arrived in Iraq during the period of the warfare would have WMD´s waiting for them," concluded Heneghan. The WMD´s originated in Kosovo and Bosnia; and they were to be funneled through Turkey by rogue arms dealer and international terrorist Gary Best to Iraq.

"They were given orders to move VX nerve gas from Turkey into Iraq. This was to be hidden in Iraq and later used as evidence that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction," said Heneghan of the original plan.

Heneghan also reported that a secret group of Mossad agents, working as Israeli military personnel based unofficially with the U.S. military in Iraq, were waiting to receive both the VX nerve gas and aluminum tubes in the latter part of October 2002.

"The group that was in Iraq that was to receive these WMD´s from this Bosnian group was a secret Mossad/Israeli team, and were attached to group known as J2X Joint Intelligence Liaison in Baghdad," Heneghan said of his U.S. intelligence source confirmations.

Plame and her team uncovered this plot in November of 2002, and subsebuently no WMD´s have ever been found in the country of Iraq to justify the war.

Washington Post Editor Bob Woodward found out about Plame´s discovery in June and July of 2003 from Richard Armitage and Dick Cheney. Ever since then, he has attempted to discredit Plame and disrupt the grand jury investigation into her outing; and he continues to do so.

"Mr. Woodward, who knows this case is about to explode in his face, decides to trigger an investigation of the CIA. So what did he do two weeks ago? He leaked a story in his Washington Post about black prisons. This story has now caused a new investigation about national security leaks," said Heneghan of Woodward´s role in the plot.

Current CIA Director Porter Goss has launched an investigation through the Justice Department to find the sources of leaks about these black prisons. The leak actually originated with Dick Cheney and prominent members of the Republican Party, who then passed on the information to reporter Dana Priest; she subsequently authored the stories that appeared in the Washington Post.

"What Porter Goss has done is create an investigation that will end up investigating himself," surmised Heneghan.
"The defense of this administration has constantly been to blame the CIA. The fact of the matter is that (former CIA Director) George Tenant has recently written a report which he has given to Porter Goss. It is a damage assessment report on how many agents were killed because of the outing of Valerie Plame. It will deal with an attempt to plant the WMD´s in Iraq; and Mr. Porter Goss refuses to publish the report. He claims that it is national security," stated Heneghan.

This report by Tenant has been subpoenaed by Fitzgerald; and the Bush administration is attempting to quash it by claiming national security reasons. Heneghan revealed several weeks ago that Tenant was given a $36 million bribe to take the fall for the failure to find WMD´s in Iraq, among other issues. But this was falsely blamed on poor intelligence work by the CIA. Tenant was also recently granted transactional immunity by Fitzgerald in exchange for his testimony.

"Once this report is in the hands of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the entire White House will come down like a house of cards" predicted Heneghan. "This Tenant report includes a reference to an attempt to plant WMD in Iraq. THAT IS THE SMOKING GUN, folks," he declared.

The WMD discovery is also linked directly to 9/11. For the money that was paid out for these covert operations was supported from funds that originated from the Philippines.

“What connects the dots between 9/11 and the WMD´s in Iraq is the money. There was direct money that was being paid through Switzerland to pay off Osama Bin Laden for his role in 9/11 for being the patsy and the fall guy for the September 11th attacks," Heneghan said. "There is an old saying, 'Follow the money.'"

Heneghan also revealed that the Bush administration continues to explore ways to cause a distraction from the Fitzgerald investigation by staging further acts of terrorism in the united States.

"Bush was in Mongolia discussing with certain people an attempt to trigger a new 9/11 Two. Right now the U. S. economy is on the verge of collapse, despite the stock market's having gone to 10,900. The reason this is occurring is because we are no longer reporting M3," said Heneghan of the current economic climate.

"They can print as many Euro dollars as they want offshore now... and pump them into the U.S. stock market by making these funds available to certain offshore entities and major U.S. brokerage firms (including Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns). What you have now is the Federal Reserve buying stocks. This is being done as an emergency measure due to the state of chaos this administration faces," warned Heneghan.

Heneghan also detailed the ripple effect that these developments, mentioned in the Tenant damage assessment report, might have had with the Israeli government.

"One of the reasons Ariel Sharon has resigned as the head of Likud Party (The National Liberal Party) and will be setting up his own political party, is because he himself has identified through his own internal investigation this renegade Mossad team linked to Benjamin Netanyahu. He was operating with Bush and Cheney without the [knowledge] of the Israeli government," Heneghan disclosed.

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