Monday, June 25, 2007

The Year Twenty-twelve


You forwarded a piece about the "prophecies" regarding the year 2012 (twenty-twelve). It is true that the Mayan calendar ends at that year-- on December 21, to be precise.:)

To the Mayans, this indicated the end of an "age," with the start of a new "age" immediately after. To them, this did not signify the "end of the world." That was a later distortion, a misunderstanding.

Worldenders, as you know, are people who have given up on ever creating a happy, fulfilling life. They are so bitter, and so hopeless, that they would rather see the end of the world than live another day in their boring, uneventful lives. The spectacle of the bloody and horrific Armageddon strikes them as "exciting." But they suffer from a mental disorder similar to the one that afflicts people who are thrilled by chain-saw movies. They mistake horror and excruciating human suffering for "excitement."

Often, oddly enough, they might be good people otherwise. Most never even allow themselves to picture or imagine, with crystal clarity, the gory and nightmarish death of the kids on the block, or the sweet old lady down the street. They would be absolutely horrified if they did allow themselves to picture all the pain, all the horror, all the blood, torture, and agony.

Consciously or subconsciously, some have carried this schizoid pattern into their "new age" philosophies. They are no longer "fundies," but they still feel hopeless enough that they want to see the "end of the world." They are still worldenders, but in just different packaging. They are still suffering from the same old mental illness, or serious personality disorder. Do they harbor a secret subconscious hatred for "sinners," or for people in general? Perhaps. But the end of the world, in any "wrapping," can never be pretty. It is a demonic and evil superstition, and can never represent the will of a just and loving God.


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