Sunday, June 24, 2007

Balancing Exercise with Rest


Have you ever worked seriously (for extended periods) with St. Johnswort or the amino acid phenylalanine? The first is called "nature's Prozac," and the second has shown remarkable success in treating depression.

Your challenge is to keep your life in balance. Right at the moment, this means balancing reasonable and moderate aerobic exercise with moderate and reasonable rest. When we do not get enough oxygenating exercise (that which makes us pant or breathe deeply), the chemistry ofthe brain is altered significantly, and thrown into unhappy imbalance.

For, as humanimals, we are made to move regularly. So, go to the root of the problem, instead of trimming the leaves: Be sure to balance healing exercise with healing rest.

I sense that your life is currently a bit too sedentary, and that your blood needs to be filled with bright blue oxygen, carried to the hungry brain. This will change your mood, and general feeling, for the better. Please do not simply think about, or visualize, these actions; instead, begin a regular routine of exercise. You will always be glad that you did!! It will help you "burn off" excess tension and worry.

I live in your thoughts and dreams; the best of Me lives in your heart.

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