Sunday, June 10, 2007

One down, one to go...

Dear Friends of the Heart,

We did it! Thanks to thousands of people like you across the country, the US Senate passed legislation that would make prescription drugs safer. But the fight is not over. We need to get strong drug safety legislation to the president’s desk.

Together we have come a long way. People who lost loved ones or who were left disabled by unsafe drugs visited Washington to tell their stories. And together we have sent almost 80,000 messages and made over 1,800 phone calls to the Senators!

Help us keep this momentum going! Strong drug safety legislation is stuck in a House committee and it needs more support to move forward. That’s where you come in.

Ask your House member to support HR 1561 today!

Last week one US Senator said, “Since 2000 … the pharmaceutical companies have contributed almost $250 million in campaign contributions," and that the real question was "whether the Congress of the United States is in fact prepared to stand up to the most powerful, the greediest special interest in the United States of America."

Find out whether your House member will stand up to the big drug lobby and support patient safety. Please ask your House member today to co-sponsor HR 1561!

Help us get a bill to the president’s desk. Please take a moment to forward this to everyone whom you know, so that they can register their own thoughts on the importance of safer drugs for all Americans.

Thank you.

Liz Foley
A project of Consumers Union
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703-1057

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