Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love to the Donkey


Dear Friends of the Heart,

Some of you have been asking about the health of the donkey (physical body). It is not dying-- any faster than all of us!:) Thanks to all of you for your tender and genuine concern. In the past, you have created a great psychic and spiritual "safety net" that has healed the donkey more than once! This has all been a product of sheer Love, and is deeply appreciated with profound gratitude.:)

Currently, the donkey is not in "crisis-mode." But this does not mean that he is well. The donkey has been the subject of numerous psychospiritual "experiments" with positive thinking, affirmation, and related belief-structures. But, although these ideas are very pretty and promising on paper, they are limited in what they can actually do, and we, as human beings, are limited in what we can do with them. If it is your karma to experience a challenge, you can "affirm" twenty thousand times a day, and the event will not be significantly changed. For karma arises from the Soul-level of Mind, much more powerful than the mere conscious (thinking, aware) mind. The great Mind can change any situation, but the conscious mind is limited. Real life continuously and consistently demonstrates this principle.

For an example of karma, people who have won major lotteries have often never even heard of "affirmation," and people who "affirm" ten thousand times a day, for weeks, often do not win. Also, a hypochondriac might tell herself that she is suffering from a very specific illness; she might learn everything about this illness, reading several books. She obsessively thinks about it, is convinced that she has it, and, in essence, "affirms" this thousands of times a day, for years. But, upon examination, she is found to be completely free of the disease. Why does she not have it? Because the conscious mind does not have the power to alter matter, not even within one's own body.

Here is the current status of the donkey: The medical news is not the best; the drug that formerly kept him alive is now acting as a toxin. He is also allergic to the most common alternate drug (another "immunosuppressant"). So, the search is on for "plan c," another alternative. Or, some kind of natural approach might be discovered, but these almost exclusively are used to increase the immunity, and that is the opposite of a solution here.

This letter is written for our dear, sweet friends who have compassionately expressed concern over healing the donkey. Please rest assured that every word of Love is a minor healing, and that these do add up! So, although healing might not be complete or immediate, loving each other is always a very valuable investment of our timenergy. So, let us continue, continuously, to send Love to each other, with the intent of healing body, mind, and even Soul. Here is a mantra recommended for healing: person's name (egoname), followed by the color that you are using (in chromovisualization). For those sweet friends who are working to help heal the donkey at present, the mantra would be: "Richard Francis, sky-blue silver."

Again, thanks to all of you who are such loyal, faithful, powerful buddies in Love and friendship!:):)

Love and Joy,


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